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Max Hydraulics air suspension systems give you adjustable ride height with unparalled comfort. Chose from basic manual controlled systems, to
fast-air solenoid controlled systems with hopping capability. Most of our air system components are from the Easy Street range. As with our hydros, we blend these with in house components where needed to give a range more suitable for Max Hydraulics' UK dominated market. Our latest innovation, Max Hydraulics PremiAir is a range of bagged McPherson and Chapman struts. Also available in bag-over and sleeve-over configuration these give us the ability to fit to virtually any car. The shock absorbers in these units are adjustable.

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Max Hydraulics

I sold the Max Hydralics business in 2007. Founded in 1995 I wanted the name to continue but I needed to move on to other things. I accepted UK£5000 on conditions: I handed the new owners existing orders, including one car with chassis work started and a full Pro Hopper system supplied. This car was to be finished before other work commenced. To help with that I handed over most of my workshop equipment to be paid for later. I later had to threaten court before I got paid for the equipment and then only got half the agreed cost. The car involved was not finished (since had to be scrapped!!!! ) but one that appeared in TV work had an install using the same Pro Hopper gear, a coincidence........... maybe. I had people contacting me for a year or so with problems they couldn't fix or get the new "Max Hydraulics" to fix, some I helped with, some I couldn't. The TV car was sold by the customer to a friend of mine. The orignal customer said he used it for the TV shoot. Just after that the rear brake hoses broke, pulled apart due to bad install geometry........he never drove it again. The new company never took up the option for the domain and it lapsed. Frankly I was ashamed of the work done after I sold MaxHydraulics and it could have been great, with an experienced Manager /installer I had trained and an owner with an existing Hydraulic manufacturing company...sad.


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