Thursday, October 19

Therianos Organic Farms

For centuries the Therianos family has grown products for local supply on the family farm in Kallithea.  Olives for Olive production and Black Grapes of different local varieties for raisin and wine production.

As the world has come to realise and value the properties available from ancient, natural products Dimitri and all the Therianos family have steered the family busines to being an Eclolgical and Organic AWARD WINNING brand. The range of products now available are all of the highest quality and all produced by the family with love.


The Farm is a total of 45 acres , 20 acres located in the plains of our village in Kalithea where we cultivate traditional Black Grapes on vines up to 70 years old for our quality wine. The balance of our Farm has several varieties of trees including Olives, Lemon, walnut, Apple, Pear, Plum, Apricot, Figs, Quinces, Cherries, Peaches. The remaining 25 acres is in the hilly part of our village at the foot of the Vrachion Mountain. Here the family cultivate ancient varieties of Olive trees. Koroneki which are 600-700 years old and Elia, a local Zakynthos variety aged 1500-2000 years. These give high quality Olive Oil. a product with Health enhancing Properties.


Free tasting for visitors to our Organic farm

The Therianos Family Farm is producing "the best products in the world", a claim that is backed with Greek and international awards, certifying quality and environmental growing methods.


Gold Award from Aristoleo Olive Oil Competition with health enhancing  high Polyphenol levels.


Gold Award by Olympia Contest Awards for Olive Oil with High Polyphenol levels.


Certificate showing Properties from the University of Athens School of Pharmacy Natural Products.


Source: Therianos-family website. Translated by Iain Sherriff.