Thursday, October 19

Please read this to understand my site

Polyphenols, Hotrods and Income ?

I have reached this point by chance in a way.
11 years ago I joined my first “Internet Business”, on the back of a recommendation of a good family friend…….. it was an expensive disaster !
Move forward 8 years from that and I had found a safe, reliable income stream using tools on the Internet.
At this point (2010) my son developed Multiple Sclerosis. The progression in Matt was rapid, to the point where he is now wheelchair bound. None of the mainstream (SUPER EXPENSIVE) drugs have worked for Matt. In 2015 I started looking at crowd funding as a possible way to afford Stem Cell treatment, which has been getting good results. Almost as soon as I started looking a contact told me about an opportunity he was looking at to raise Charitable funds. This was a mobile Sports App called FireFan which is making me small income right now and will be huge when we have the Euro sports coming soon and we have registered UK Charities already waiting. Global contacts inside the Sports App lead me to a Bitcoin Mining business.

SO what is the connection !

My history with Internet Businesses lead me to a Bitcoin income and to the Sports App fund raising. The search for an alternative treatment for Matt has helped lead me here and fate took over in June 2017 while we where in Zakynthos, where we met Dimitri Therianos, an organic Olive grower and producer of award winning EVOO with extreme high levels of Polyphenols.  Our initial interest was to help Ros with Arthritis and dance injury but some research turned up considerable positive information about the anti-inflamatory properties in relation to MS.

So thats Polyphenols and income covered …….. Hotrods? Well I have built a number of show winning cars, built motor show demo vehicles for Renault, supplied suspension components for major movies and I spent a lot of time at Drag Races back in the day.

This new site brings all my interests to one place and I hope will help you see the value in what I am doing.