Thursday, October 19

History :: Therianos-family


For hundreds of years the Therianos family has lived in Kallithea Village located at the foot of the Mountain Vrachionas.

Generations living on and cultivating the same land for centuries.

Before the devastating earthquake of 1953, the family maintained Olive production in the old village of Kallithea but, after the damage done by earthquakes they did not just rebuilt but fulfilled thier dream to create a World class base producing excellent quality and Organic olive oil.

Today the family contines the tradition and love for the environment and all life. In  2000 they built four traditional holiday cottages. To illustrate the family philosophy they gave symbolic names to these houses Love, Light, Universe, Life.

  • In 2007 the goals became to produce products that are healthy for our customers and also help create and maintain a healthy environment.
  • In 2012, they created a space for expression in handicrafts and in painting.
  • In 2013, the farm integrated it’s agriculture, crafts  and Tourism together as one.
  • The Therianos vision is to create a cultural center where visitors can leanr the traditions and history of the island and of Greece, to continue and grow on the conditions of production fitting with traditional and to improve the environment of the island.