Thursday, October 19


I put approx £740 into AdPacks at the start. So around $950.


Seeing what happens when I start to withdraw has shown me another angle on FN/FAP and has clarified that the “profit from the external income” must go into supporting new member signup payouts.

But starting with AdPack traffic and assuming that people get all the traffic they have paid for (Im ignoring the fact that we don’t and support acknowledge the fact). Every Ad I have run or see people run gets close to 10% click rate. So that’s 80 clicks per pack. Accepting the industry standard of 1% signup rate that should give 0.8 sign ups per pack, so in terms of cost per signup FAP is about average.
The value of traffic to a site’s ranking (rather than the value in getting signups) is very damaging. The hit duration is always below 30secs and Google ranking gives a negative for these as they are nearly always click farm traffic (effectively what FAP traffic is because members are told they can do their 10 clicks a day in 8 minutes, which leaves no time to look at a site).

The return from AdPacks and the compounding effect from rebuying them is very powerful and the commissions adding up is impressive. The problem comes as soon as you stop rebuying,  the effect of this problem is something I suspect very few people have realised. It also shows me that the only place external income can be added is to the commissions you get for signing new members and for the products they purchase… actually this is the obvious place when you think about it, because it removes Pyramid accusation. The payout uplines get partially comes from the external FN businesses so is NOT just from new member’s fees.

The problem with AdPack commissions is that they can never be withdrawn in total. The Total shown IS an accurate representation of commissions you have earned but it is NOT an indication of what you can withdraw. Someone adding a lot of members will be able to withdraw regularly but someone who just buys packs and earns (as a lot of members claim to be doing) has made a huge mistake……………

Take my $900 input. I compounded it until my Total reached $2800. Then, because I have no satisfactory answer from support on missing traffic, I decided to start withdrawing. At that point I had 55 packs and was getting $24 a day in withdrawable funds. Now, 2 weeks on I have 49 packs and am getting $19 daily. The bulk of packs I originally purchased have completed so packs dropping off now is a fairly straight line thing.

I have already withdrawn $360.o and at the end of this first month of withdrawing (having been compounding for 6 months) I will be getting around $15 a day.

Work that out going forward ………….

end of month one I will have withdrawn 360+210 =  570.

end of month two                                         570 + 150 = 720

end of month three                                       720 + 100 =  820

end of month four                                         820 + 70 = 890

end of month five                                           890 + 10 = 900

end of month six                                all packs finished during this month so I am not able to withdraw anything !

end of month seven            Total still showing around $3500 but I can’t withdraw anything !


So my initial input has been “growing” in FN/FAP for a total of seven months but I will be very luck to get it all back. In a way I was lucky to put it in in small amounts, someone who puts in a big sum all at once will hit a MASSIVE commission wall after around 3 months when the ONLY withdrawable  amount is coming from rebuy packs.


Of course the “things to come” may change things but at present it is totally wrong to tell people they will earn anything just by buying packs. They may get click response rates the same as they would anywhere else (without having to buy packs) and they will rack up huge commission earnings ………… but at the end of the day just owning packs WILL cost people money, UNLESS they are prepared to leave it inside FN for around 12 months of compounding and then withdraw small amounts while still buying enough packs. That way it will be possible to recoop initial input and to keep taking a weekly amount out. Commissions will continue to grow but you will NEVER get them out.