Friday, July 21

Traffic review……. Futurenet works

Traffic review……. Futurenet works !

….. but it’s not easy to distinguish good from bad or real from fake.

Just as 95% of “Traffic Exchange” Ops are scams (even if 50% can claim to be legal) 95% of the traffic they provide is false (and worse, can be harmful to your site metrics). I have tested a few over the last 5 years or so and they all have one thing in common. The traffic that they send to your site is almost 100% “Russian” and resultant hits have less than a second duration. Google is VERY down on short duration traffic (as it has clearly come from a fake source) and this traffic will have a negative effect on your site ranking.

Here you will just see Futurenet related results.

Source: Traffic review……. Futurenet works